Are Travel Management Companies Leveraging Reviews The Right Way? – By Laura Badiu

Traveler behavior is constantly shifting and changing and when referring to business travelers, it’s important to consider that this is a very specific faction of the traveler demographic and it automatically comes with certain requirements and expectations. From the technical user experience that a website enables to company policies and the importance of displaying guest reviews, different strategies have to be considered by business travel websites, in order to encourage use and conversions.

The Path to Successful Change Management – FAQ with an Expert – By Laura Badiu

Change is rarely easy. In hospitality, keeping up with trends and technology innovations is not only a must but the actual key to surviving within such a competitive environment. New generations of travelers arise along with different demands and expectations and new hotel tech is developed and perfected every day. Darwin was not wrong when referring to the survival of the fittest, even though we are now downsizing the concept to fit the business area. In hospitality, you either adapt to change or you risk to become obsolete.

CPI Hotels Engages SiteMinder to Welcome a New Wave of Leisure Travellers

This engagement sees CPI Hotels using SiteMinder’s technology to automate their online distribution and integrate smoothly into the Choice Hotels International network, of which CPI Hotels is the exclusive representative in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It also sees the chain gain a newfound ability to maximise operational efficiencies and maintain room rates and inventory across their multiple distribution channels.