How Hospitality is Adapting to a Contactless World

Instead of removing the personal touch, contactless technology can actually provide a more pleasant — and personalized — experience for guests. Throughout 2020, hospitality and travel companies found ways to provide memorable experiences while improving health and safety standards. It’s also nothing new — as people do more on their phones, online retail companies have been developing strategies and systems for years that hotels can now take advantage of. Virtual tours, video, streaming, and other tech tools are quickly becoming necessities for hoteliers.

Ready Player One: How Can Hoteliers Capitalize On ESports? – By Anastasiia Petryshche

Currently, there are very few hotel companies that cater to the needs of these niche markets. Due to this lack of supply, Natus Vincere, the eSports organization based in Kyiv, Ukraine, bought a historical hotel “Dnipro,” right in the city center for $41 million USD. The company’s founder, Alexander Kokhanovskyy, explained that he aims to turn the property into an eSports hotel that will feature training areas, an eSports arena, a gamers’ lounge, and unique rooms for professional players.

Travel Apps Will Play Key Role in Tourism Recovery

The desire for a ‘seamless’ travel experience will have heightened during COVID-19 with travelers searching for an easy-to-use platform, where they can be inspired and informed of where they can travel safely. COVID-19 has increased the race to deploy contactless processes, digital health passes and safely store customer data.

The Best Developers Are Also Users – Behind the Scenes of Our Live Experience Solution – By Laura Badiu

Same as we are providers but also travelers, we are developers but wanted to find out what it’s like to also be users. When researching and developing our exclusive TrustYou Live Experience solution, three members of our product and design teams went the extra mile in order to understand what the market was missing and what our users needed most from our guest engagement solutions

Let the Team Chat – How to Enable Seamless Internal Communication – By Laura Badiu

Communicating with guests throughout their stay is already seen as a vital strategy in the race towards hotel recovery. Not only that; guest satisfaction and loyalty are highly influenced by open and honest engagement. But what about team communication? How do you ensure that your staff has the proper means to keep in touch, optimize internal operations, and stay safe and informed?