How to Stay Ahead of the Competition with the TrustYou Comp Index for Hotels – By Laura Badiu

Competition in hospitality is fierce. Especially after the major hit suffered throughout the majority of 2020, the way in which we travel, along with the top priorities and expectations that we, as travelers, have from a hotel stay in 2021 and beyond, are different than what they used to be. This is why we integrated the TrustYou Comp Index within our tool’s analytics dashboard.
Europe’s second largest enterprise hotel group adopts Sabre’s broad portfolio of distribution and retailing solutions

Discussion of Hospitality Technology Across the Atlantic – By Carl Weldon, HFTP COO Europe

Cyber HITEC featured a new virtual session this year that built a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean and brought together two regions separated by a common language. This engaging session was called the ‘HFTP Europe: Technology and Tea’ Hangout, and featured an interview-style discussion between me, this year’s HFTP Paragon Award-winner Ian Millar, CHTP and hospitality technology executive Barry Thomas, CHTP.