Nominations Open for Innov8 in Vienna

Encouraging innovation in hotel distribution is in our DNA. Innov8 at the HEDNA Vienna conference celebrates eight innovative companies that are changing the face of hotel distribution and payments. Recommend a ground-breaking upstart that you admire or nominate your own cutting-edge company or product- either way, help HEDNA recognize the innovators, the change-makers, and the leaders of tomorrow.

The Future of Hotel Data Analytics – By Sharad Kapur

Data is the architect of astute business decisions and the key to unfurling market strategies. High-quality data provides insights into the new reality faced by many businesses, such as understanding emerging trends, and quickly understanding changes in consumer behaviour. Some hotels have questioned the use of data in this current climate and are faced with a million-dollar question: is historical data obsolete?

Why Hotel Quality Should Be Right Next to Price As a KPI in 2022 – By Lize De Kock

Revenue management is in firm focus for hoteliers as the travel industry starts to recover in many regions. Yet, if quality measurements are not given the same priority over the pandemic recovery period, it could have serious consequences for hotels. Hotel quality has become as imperative as price in terms of influencing the guest decision and the perceived value of the overall experience.