Leveraging Data Insights in Hospitality: The Role of P2P Systems in Improving Decision-Making – By Johannes Vocke, CFO, FutureLog

As travel volumes recover, leading hotels are investing in digital transformation and refreshed amenities for an increasingly experience-driven audience. While these changes are clearly seen by both employees and guests, their success depends on a less visible function: How your hotel approaches purchases – whether that means sourcing ingredients, automating tasks, or going paperless to reduce invoice processing costs.

GlobalData Unveils AI Governance Framework to Help Companies Implement AI Responsibly and Safely

Companies that fail to adopt the highest standards of AI governance face substantial reputational and financial risk. For instance, in 2024, Google had to temporarily block its new AI image generation model after it inaccurately portrayed German Second World War soldiers as people of color. In 2023, iTutor Group paid $365,000 to settle a lawsuit after its AI-powered recruiting software automatically rejected applicants based on age.

Hospitality Technology Trends to Ramp Up Customer Experience in 2024

The role that hospitality technology trends plays in our industry to meet customer demand is becoming vital for a successful business. Consumers are extremely discerning with how they spend their money now more than ever, and they are looking for experiences that are elevated beyond the normal night out. They desire unique access to interesting dining experiences and group celebrations for all sorts of milestones and occasions! Finding tech solutions that help you successfully execute these experiential components into your offerings is crucial.

Introducing the Hospitality Event Collective: A New Community for Event Professionals

The Hospitality Event Collective is more than just a community; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to bring together hospitality event professionals from all backgrounds. More importantly, the HEC is a support network for you to form professional relationships, find new opportunities, and share insights that can help craft seamless and unforgettable events for your clients.