Avenue 9 Solutions and Guestline announce collaboration to deliver actionable insights

The new partnership paves the way for enhanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities for hotels

Hospitality consultants, Avenue 9 Solutions Limited, has launched Avenue 9 Reporting as a Service (‘RaaS’) alongside a seamless integration with Guestline, the leading hospitality software company.

The new reporting and business intelligence platform is designed to complement and enhance Guestline’s current reporting suite and will save hoteliers time and effort by providing reports relevant to their business drivers, adding insight to future financial and operational decisions.

A simple and affordable reporting tool

For hotels with more complex reporting requirements, the upgrade to Avenue 9 Analytics allows integration with many other hospitality applications into the dataset for more comprehensive analysis.

“We developed RaaS as a simple and affordable reporting tool designed to save hoteliers time and money while delivering a quick and effective way to analyse data,” stated Dale Nix, Director at Avenue 9. “We are really excited to work together with Guestline for the launch of this platform to bring extended reporting functionality to their customers worldwide.”

Maintain competitive advantage

“To maintain competitive advantage and to support recovery plans, hoteliers need reliable and relevant reports and dashboards at their fingertips. For this reason, we’re delighted to have teamed up with Avenue 9 to expand our reporting capabilities within our customer base” added James Cannon, Sales and Marketing Director at Guestline.

About Guestline 

Guestline provide innovative property management, guest engagement and distribution software to the hospitality industry. Founded on cloud technology, Guestline’s revenue generating solutions enable independents of all sizes and hotel groups to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate. 

With offices in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Thailand, Guestline’s systems are used in 25 countries across five continents. The range of solutions include Guestline PMS, CRS, C&B, Channel Manager, EPoS, IBE and GuestPay. Additionally, Guestline integrates with nearly 200 third-party solutions via an API. 

For more information about Guestline, visit https://www.guestline.com/
For Media Enquiries: Kate Fuller, Marketing Manager, kate.fuller@guestline.com  

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