Hospitality Management & Hotel IT Support

Once the Avenue 9 consultants have implemented our client’s solutions, we will facilitate the managed handover to internal, vendor or third-party support teams (or a combination of support teams). Any remaining or longer-term items on the RAID logs are also fully documented for handover to the appropriate teams or to diarise action for a future date.

Some clients engage Avenue 9 to manage the multitude of companies that comprise a modern hotel’s vendor list. We can manage day-to-day support and reporting as well as keep an eye on each application’s renewal date and notice periods; this gives our clients early warning that a contract is due for renewal and provides advanced opportunity to renew, amend or withdraw from that vendor. Our hotel management support and hospitality solutions ensure that our clients’ services and systems are optimised for delivery to their customers, in an efficient and streamlined manner. 

IT Director Service

We often find that some hotels or groups need additional technical support, not only for tactical reasons, but also for strategic guidance and direction. For those companies, we offer hotel IT support services including our IT Director Service (ITDS), where we act as the interim IT Director.

As well as our ITDS service, we can also act as interim CTO or CIO allowing us to integrate ourselves into our clients’ businesses to identify technical weaknesses, put forward recovery strategies, and implement solutions that will strengthen operational processes. 

Our ITDS provides forward-thinking for a short-term engagement, which can last for 3 months up to several years. This is not a substitute for hands-on technical engineers or support teams; instead, as interim IT Director, we take a holistic view of the client’s environment and present options for future-proofing the applications and services the client deploys onsite. As we work with many hotel groups, we have the experience to understand not only tech models that work, but the ones that can work successfully within your unique environment.

This is a key differentiator for our ITDS compared to other consultancies offering similar services…the sheer breadth of our client base provides our consultants with hundreds, if not thousands of combinations of solutions that can underpin your success.

Once we have specified and delivered the technology framework, we can even assist your Executive Management teams with their IT recruitment processes, in order to source the right IT Director or Manager to suit your business requirements and cultural fit.

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