Expert Hotel Consultancy Services

We are, at our heart, consultants in Hospitality. Consultancy has been integral to our business since inception; our experience as hotel operators and then specialists allow us to draw upon our previous work.

Additionally, as we have been working with dozens of different hotel companies (everything from independent hotels to groups and chains) we have knowledge and experience from each that we can bring to bear when working with a client on their own specific challenges.

We typically start all of our new client engagements with consultation in various areas of their business, including hospitality procurement and revenue management. Sometimes, this is a general discussion around the client’s pain points; they often don’t understand why their reporting is different from system to system or why their applications don’t talk to one another, or other areas that may confound them.

In many cases, however, there is an immediate and costly situation that needs to be corrected. Our hospitality management consultancy is then focused on determining the true issues and sources, which leads to a discovery and scoping exercise.

Once we plan our course of action, then the client is free to correct their own course, or more frequently, engage Avenue 9 to deliver the change through our implementation and project management services.

Some of the areas in which we consult are listed here:

Auditing PCI-DSS or Technology Audits
Requirements Gathering Hold workshops to facilitate and document requirements needed to create an RFI/RFP for additional or replacement applications, including PMS, EPoS, CRM, Finance, Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analysis, HR, Procurement and others
Vendor Selection Manage the RFI/RFP process and vendors, ensuring client requirements are met and capabilities are proven
New Build Feasibility Create the full IT infrastructure plan for new build properties (and possibly total refurbishments)
IT Strategy Provide strategic and tactical guidance as a “point solution” for our clients (as opposed to our longer-term IT Director Service where we act as interim IT Directors…see this link for more about our ITDS)

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