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In this section, we will share our thoughts and predictions for technologies in Hospitality, as well as more general areas that impact our sector and our people.

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Image of robot behind a hotel reception deskWhat does hyper-personalised hotel experiences mean to you and your hotel guests? It’s the rise of a new era in personalisation; read our article The Rise of the Hyper-Personalised Hotel Experience to find out more.
Image of woman drawing cogs of sustability on glassOur article Embracing Sustainability in the Hotel Industry: 2023 and Beyond presents the areas we believe hotels should be reviewing to reduce the impact of operations to our environment.


In this section, Avenue 9 will focus on a range of Hospitality suppliers whose products or services are unique, timely or just interesting. These dialogues are meant to engage readers from all areas of Hospitality, from the new recruit or intern to technical or operational experts in their own fields.

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Alan O’Riordan, Co-Founder at apaleo talks about APIs and why “monolithic” PMS are going the way of the dinosaurs.

Adrienne Hanna, CEO and Founder of Right Revenue speaks with passion about revenue managers and why you should invite them to your meetings.