Staying Within Budget in 2024: The EProcurement Advantage – By Johannes Vocke, CFO, FutureLog

Hoteliers know that guest experiences drive revenue. In recent years, leading hoteliers have responded to the pressure to leverage data to deliver more personalised, streamlined stays for their guests. But while hoteliers have been busy moving towards digital customer-facing solutions, they haven’t put as much energy into back-of-house (BOH) transformation. Accenture reports that 95 percent of travel companies are only focused on digital transformation in some parts of their business, but not all of them.

How Hoteliers Are Using AI for Revenue Management – By Dr. Cindy Heo

It’s a complex and ever-evolving field for a revenue manager to navigate, with many channels and tools to keep up-to-date with. But it is a key function for any hotel that wants to remain competitive in today’s marketplace to get a firm handle on in order to welcome more guests through their doors. Today, Artificial Intelligence is making the job of data analysis much easier in a variety of ways, this article will go into detail about how Revenue Managers can use AI to get ahead of the competition.