Unlocking Success: Why Your Hotel Needs a Lightning-Fast Website

According to a Google study, 75% of users consider that the most important element of a website is its speed. More surprisingly, it is considered much more important than the attractiveness of the website. Making sure your website loads quickly is the cornerstone of all your direct digital distribution.

EBook: The Secrets to Staying Within Budget in 2024

In order to successfully drive profit and shape budget planning, hoteliers must rely on more than just their top line. From ordering to analytics, discover the secrets behind gaining more control and visibility over your procure-to-pay (P2P) process.

Cybersecurity Faces an AI Challenge According to GlobalData

The cybersecurity industry faces a challenge that is anything but business as usual. The prospect of offensive attacks using artificial intelligence (AI) is prompting increases in cybersecurity budgets as organizations try to understand the impact of generative AI on their security.