OTA Insight and PredictHQ Partner for Smarter Demand Forecasting As Hoteliers Prepare for Rebound

The partnership has expanded OTA Insight’s sources of intelligent event data, allowing hoteliers using either Market Insight, Rate Insight and Revenue Insight to take advantage of a broader range of more accurate event insights, incorporating more geographical regions. This will enable hoteliers to better predict traveller demand as the world recovers towards a new normal.

The Contactless Guest Journey – How to Inspire a Positive Reputation Every Step of the Way – By Laura Badiu

When it comes to the guest experience, we have long ceased to refer to a single time and place – it’s called a journey for a reason. The overall experience, which goes to impact the final feedback and therefore, the hotel’s online reputation, doesn’t start with the check-in process; hoteliers have a chance to make a positive impression even before the guests step foot in the hotel. In fact, the guest experience begins with consideration, ahead of the search and booking phase, which can happen months in advance of the actual stay.

Events After COVID-9: Is It All Zoom from Here? – By Malin Persson

Over the past year and a half, many of us have reached a point of exhaustion when it comes to technology – we’re all sick of holding meetings with people’s foreheads or being Zoom-bombed by a partner, child, or pet. However, virtual communication and events have become an intrinsic part of our reality that we cannot do away with looking forward.

Why Guest Reviews Are the Key to Restarting Your Hotel Business – By Laura Badiu

Reopening your hotel’s doors in 2021 can feel like a full-on rebranding. Old strategies, offerings, and successes are no longer accurate enough for the pandemic traveler – they need to know exactly what they’re in for right now. This is why guest feedback, and more specifically, recent and relevant guest reviews have the power to help you restart your hotel business, as they provide an accurate depiction of your hotel’s current state, offerings, and reputation.

4 Ways to Nurture a Positive Restaurant Reputation for the Post-Pandemic Scene – By Laura Badiu

What are the most lucrative ways to leverage a restaurant’s online reputation in 2021? What should you focus on in order to ensure a positive reputation and drive more customers in the door? We put together a few insights and tips that will help you understand what consumers need and expect nowadays from a restaurant and how you can use their feedback in order to succeed in the years to come.