The Future of Hotel Data Analytics – By Sharad Kapur

Data is the architect of astute business decisions and the key to unfurling market strategies. High-quality data provides insights into the new reality faced by many businesses, such as understanding emerging trends, and quickly understanding changes in consumer behaviour. Some hotels have questioned the use of data in this current climate and are faced with a million-dollar question: is historical data obsolete?

Why Hotel Quality Should Be Right Next to Price As a KPI in 2022 – By Lize De Kock

Revenue management is in firm focus for hoteliers as the travel industry starts to recover in many regions. Yet, if quality measurements are not given the same priority over the pandemic recovery period, it could have serious consequences for hotels. Hotel quality has become as imperative as price in terms of influencing the guest decision and the perceived value of the overall experience.

Hotel Rate Strategy Evolution Across North America in Reaction to the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a rollercoaster for the travel and hospitality industry. The huge fluctuations in demand which disappeared and returned almost at the flick of a switch, depending on restrictions, created the conditions for an extreme black swan event. In response, hoteliers have had to look at every potential lever they can pull to try and keep their properties afloat during the troughs and capitalise as much as possible when demand returns.

Winning Back Tourists: the #1 Power Tip to Rebuild Your Destination Reputation – By Lize De Kock

Reputation management comes with many challenges and opportunities for destinations. Now that travel is once again picking up in many regions, it is important to have real tourist insights to better assess current trends in traveler demographics. Where are your visitors traveling from? What is their motivation for choosing your destination? Do they plan on returning in the future?

How TrustYou Hotels Are 'Cleaning Up' Vs. Their Competition – By Michael Steinberg

In our last post, we ended with the question about how cleanliness impacts overall hotel performance. To answer that question, we can take a look at the CompIndex KPI. The CompIndex shows you how your hotel’s scores compare to the average scores of your competitors. It is basically a ratio, which if being over 1.0, means you are outperforming your competitors. We decided to look into the CompIndex for the Performance score to understand if there is a positive or negative trend in the last couple of years for hotels using TrustYou, in comparison to their competition, meaning the hotels that have been selected as competitors in the platform. The results were quite positive.